Rob Wilson calls for immediate action to clean up mobile home site

On Monday 8th May, Rob Wilson visited Harvey's Nurseries Mobile Home Park in order to see first hand the devastation left by Countrywide after the demolition of mobile homes on the site.

The Conservative MP of 12 years and candidate for Reading East was invited to witness what had happened to the site with one of its residents, Roger Whitehouse.

Mr Whitehouse explained the situation to Rob and stated the exasperating situation residents have been left in. Despite numerous pleas to Countrywide, homeowners have been left to live within what residents describe as "a fly tip" as demolition work has yet to be cleared.

Rob has promised to assist residents by prompting the landowner to rectify the situation.  He has written to Countrywide urging swift action, and has also raised the plight of residents with Reading Borough Council.

Speaking after the visit, Rob said, “I was shocked to see the state in which Harvey's Nurseries had been left following the demolition of homes at the site. Residents take great pride in the upkeep of their property and local area, but the piles of rubble and household appliances have been a perpetual eyesore and people are understandably frustrated by the landowner's failure to clear up the mess.

"I also have concerns with regard to the environmental hazard caused by this destruction. Sewer pipes have been left open resulting in a rat problem around the area.

"Frankly, I'm amazed that things have been allowed to deteriorate to this extent, and I'm calling on Countrywide to take its responsibilities seriously and act quickly to rectify what seems to be a very straightforward problem to solve. I look forward to receiving confirmation that this will indeed be the case."